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propatient is a nonprofit research foundation that supports scientific and innovation projects at the University Hospital Basel (USB). Thanks to a generous donation by Hans-Heiner Zaeslin the foundation will be able to support 1 or 2 patient-oriented projects.

The projects have to be within the scope of propatient, in particular with a benefit for patient care at large. Secondary there must be a particular connection to North American Universities or research institutes. The latter must be an integral part of the project submission.

In addition to the regular propatient guidelines, projects enter the submission process if one or more of the following conditions are included:


  • Projects with an international North American collaboration, e.g. a multicenter study including centers in North America or where a part of the research is carried out in North America (a North American co-author as intellectual contribution to a project is not sufficient).

  • Projects where researchers from the University Hospital Basel learn specific techniques or theories in the US/Canada and bring them back to the advancement of the supported project

  • Exchanges within a project, in particular for a younger researcher

Personnel from all professional levels, disciplines and fields of the University Hospital Basel are invited to apply for the funding.

Accepted are proposals for new projects as well as already running-ones. propatient Projects that were already awarded or finished are excluded.


There is no deadline determined. Submissions are continuously welcome using the propatient proposal form.

The propatient guidlines (in German) are available at Förderkriterien.

For additional questions please contact the Director Dr. Caroline Roggo (info@propatient.ch).

Logo propatient